About Us

The journey is the goal, not the destination


BareRoots RX was founded in 2016 by Dale and Katheryn Hipes. Through their own personal life experiences, they had a desire to change a dependency upon pharmaceuticals and replace pain management resources with high quality, organic botanical CBD products.

Dale’s entrepreneurial spirit and project management background coupled with Kathryn’s knowledge of natural remedies and essential oils became the foundation for BareRoots RX.


Our organic, Hemp-Derived, Broad Spectrum, CBD is naturally flavored with a carefully designed mix of essential oils.
Available in 4 invigorating flavors & 4 different strengths!


The solution to muscle and joint pain! We created a 100% Drug-Free solution with our smooth blended healing balms, because you shouldn't have to depend on a pharmaceutical when it comes to pain relief.

Customer Reviews

Awesome Product.

I have a few other tattoos and used Aquafor as they healed. I used this CBD cream for my most recent tattoos and this has been a life saver.

My skin healed quicker than any lotion I have used before and it has kept the ink looking bright.

I even started rubbing it into my old tattoos and it has freshened up those old ones as well

Connor  -  August 28, 2019

I use the 1000 mg and give 2 drops to my

grandmother every morning. It's done wonders

for her and given her back to us. She has

dementia. She has so many more good days

with this cbd.

Amanda V  - September 3, 2019

My dog was having seizures at least every week for a few months, his doctor was hesitant on prescribing him medication for it, as they have a lot of negative side effects. I started treating him with these products and he has not had a single seizure in two months and with absolutely no side effects what so ever. Before he had gotten so bad, I thought we would have to put the poor guy down, but this product literally saved my dog's life.

Kebbie A  -  August 19,2019