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BareRoots RX was founded in 2016 by  Kathryn Hipes. Through her own personal life experiences, she had a desire to change people’s dependency on pharmaceuticals and replace pain management resources with high-quality, organic botanical CBD products.

Kathryn’s knowledge of natural remedies and essential oils became the foundation for BareRoots RX.

What we offer? We offer best in class customer support and service.


Build your IMMUNITY with BareCaps and Revive!

Pain and Inflammation

Attack the pain and inflammation in your Life!


Defy aging with our wonderfully made Anti-Aging products!

Who Loves My Work

best cbd products in the house !!!! you wont regret anything of this company!! awsome owners!!
La Chinola 17 Dec, 2020
This place has better products than other cbd companies that I have tried. I struggle with back and hand pains almost daily but their balm and tinctures have helped me tremendously. The people that work here are super attentive and you can tell they really care about the products they put out and truly want to help people (and pets) feel their best! I even started carrying their products in my salon and my clients love it!
Brynne Dubin 8 Sep, 2020
BareRoots Rx Organic Tincture has greatly helped my (81YO) husband. I have always found their customer service above and beyond my expectations. I'm very happy w/ their product, their company and how they do business. Proud to be a customer and recommend them.
Donna Kamper 10 Oct, 2020
I am a born skeptic. I have met with the founder and used his product with amazing success. I would give 6 stars if it were possible. Do your research and make the best choice = BareRoots-Rx
Jim DeLung, Phd 17 Oct, 2017